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Hello. My name is Tommy Darker. I'm a musician and music industry thinker. I'm a writer about the movement of the Musicpreneur and founder of Whiise.
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Who am I?

A life dedicated to music.

Tommy Darker is the industry alter ego of an imaginative independent musician and thinker about the future of the music business. His vision is to simplify scalable concepts and make them work for independent musicians. His current endeavours include:

  • Firestarter of the movement of the #Musicpreneur,
  • Aspiring music innovator in the music genre of 'Folkwave',
  • CEO of Whiise, an education platform, which connects handpicked, top industry experts with knowledge-seekers (musicians & students) - think Quora for the music industry,
  • Visiting Lecturer at the University of Westminster, London (UK), formerly at Berklee College of Music, Valencia (Spain) and iversity (online university), and
  • Speaker and workshop leader in conferences globally.

He and his work have been featured in Berklee Online, TEDx, Berlin Music Week, ReThink Music, Midem Academy, SAE Institute, and Hypebot.

His favourite quote:

"A musician who is just a musician can never become a good musician."

(paraphrasing the quote of Vernon L. Smith, Nobelist in 2002, Economics)

The main reason musicians don't make money... because they do not know how to make money!

Hello beautiful you,

Thanks for visiting my corner of the Internet. In August 2012 I quit my well-paid job to focus entirely on solving this very problem.
I simplify scalable entrepreneurial concepts, and make them work ethically for independent musicians, so they can build a business around their music.
Everything I teach or write about has been implemented through my own music and startups, so I can prove it works.
On my way to build something extraordinary, I question everything and talk with everyone who has something interesting to say. I mean you. Yes, You. Tell me your story.

And as always...

Positive energy and love,


You can contact me anytime on Twitter, Facebook or email. If you're in London, I'd love to arrange a coffee with you (you're lucky, I drink a lot of coffee).
I offer unlimited access to my Skype and phone number for my 'Die-Hard' patrons. Join the tribe.