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I decided not to make money off the back of musicians, having a fixed consultancy fee. I like helping unconditionally instead (helps me build my karma). So I figured out an alternative (and fun) way of compensation, since I don't have unlimited time!

Do you struggle with business? Are you a musician?

Nice. This is for you. I will help you progress with your projects, answer your burning questions, mentor you, help you structure or tweak your existing business model - everything guided by my famous 'positive energy and love' mentality.

How do you get unlimited access to me? It's easy:

Become my Book Club Die-Hard and, as long as you keep supporting my research and creations, you will have unlimited access to my Skype and phone number to ask me anything, anytime (within reason and arranged in advance).
I support the business around your amazing art, you support my research on how to be a better Musicpreneur. Fair deal. 🙂
In the meanwhile, you can read my research/case studies on Darker Knowledge.
"Trust is the new money, the new currency."

- Gerd Leonhard @ TEDxCollegeBeauSoleil