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A Musician As A Startup
Why musicians are startups and where the money is.
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My Realistic Marketing Plan
How I marketed my live performance - what worked and what didn't.
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The Rise Of The Musicpreneur
What Musicpreneurs have to do to thrive today.
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Why musicians feel disappointed and how they can build a strong mindset.
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The Modern Ecosystem
The modern music ecosystem is changing - where are we going?
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Music Business Models | 101, Design
Simple steps to build a Music Business Model for your career.
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Music Business Models | Case Studies, Archetypes
Popular Music Business Models in action!
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The Indecisive Musicpreneur
How to control your decision-making process.
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Effective Email Communication
How to send better emails and get answers.
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From Brainstorming To Pitching
How to 'translate' your musical ideas and projects for the world to understand.
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How Can You Make Free Music Work?
Thoughts on how free music can become a ally in your business.
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Life By Design
Balance art & business, procrastinate less, and get more free time than you can handle.
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