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To my beloved pen-palsMy wishes for 2014

Hi all,
'Letters are expectations packaged in an envelope', says Shana Alexander, and this how I will treat these letters. You are my modern-day pen-pals. As long as I have you in this wooden box of contacts, I will treat you as friends who I love in a platonic way.
Music is my life. I quit my job to dedicate my life to it. The last 12 months were very intense and I enjoyed every single drop of them. I don't want to hide; Tommy Darker didn't exist a year ago. I changed my look, my name and expressed myself as I always wanted: as a modern philosopher, not as a materialistic human being. Tommy Darker is about ideas.
This imaginary alter ego will travel to Midem to be a speaker, thousands of people have read and shared my opinions, has been featured in the biggest music websites and institutions and has founded a meaningful organization, Darker Music Talks, aiming to change the shape of the music world as we know it by educating musicians. It will soon grow organically in 10+ countries around the globe.
To be honest, it's not about me. I don't want to take any credit. It's about us, Musicians and Human Beings. We are more than we think we are, we have an important role in humanity. If my actions are the slightest inspiration to one of the 600 pen-pals of mine, I'm happy.
Share that positive energy with others. Share ideas with others. Write music and express yourselves. Be positive. Talk with other people. When you see a taxi driver, a cashier or a homeless man, also see that they are people too.
And if you want to talk with me about anything, I'm waiting. Reply to this email and tell me your story. I've met the most incredible people from all over the world during this year. I smile with the diversity of personalities around the globe.
People never cease to amaze me. And if you want to help me with what I do, thank you. Talk to me about your ideas, I will respond soon with something clever.
My wishes for 2014? The same like every other day:
Positive energy and love,
// Tommy