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Tommy Darker


These are my core beliefs. Ready for discussion or argument.

I'd like to thank Holstee for the inspiration.
The Manifesto of Tommy Darker
I love learning things I MUST know. Not things that I'm interested in, but things that I must know.

Having fun is great, but in order to overcome daily the various problematic systems I'm surrounded with, I'm obliged to consume the Essentials, the information that is used for other than fun. In other words, knowledge.
. . .
The shape of music industry changes dramatically. How can you be sure you know what the current shape is and how it will be in the future? By consuming the Essentials.

Record labels are fated to death. Their tactics are inefficient, because their business models simply don't work.
The future is digital. The sales of digital music have transcended the CD, vinyl and physical product sales COMBINED. Recently it got announced that ebooks have already surpassed in profit the physical books. Do not ignore that fact.
Don't simply sell (out) your music. Because it isn't just a product with a price. Music is an experience and its value is priceless, not 0.99. Try to give added of value to your music, don't just print CDs and t-shirt. They're boring (probably your music too).

The war against piracy is already over, because it was pointless. You cannot stop information from spreading. And music, as a digital product, is information.

Differentiate. This defines you as an artist. You have the right and you have to do it. Every chance you let go without differentiating, you waste another chance to make art. It's now or never.
. . .
When I created, profit was not one of my primary goals. The mission of is to educate the independent musicians. To provide information that the receiver will trust, not just accept.

That's why the articles I write have been filtered and edited many times, so they can give value to the ones who read them, focusing heavily on the Essentials that modern mainstream media have neglected.

Because, unfortunatelly, we're not who we're supposed to be. The average independent musician has let himself go, complaining about the 'fucking system' and 'the bad agents' who restrict their actions, omitting to see how many chances they miss daily while they focus on whining and not acting. And whining simply doesn't take you to the next level.

You have to act, learn how to re-shape your microcosm and, further down the line, the whole world. The boarders of our world shrink every day that we don't challenge them. And, consuming trashy information every day, we train ourselves to be even more trashy, closing the door to progress.

We get immune to junk and convince ourselves this is all there is.
. . .
The mission of is to provide information that are not self-evident for an average musician (even for those who belong to labels), aiming to expand the brain and the mindset, indispensable elements to perforate the system.

At the end, the members of the website will be privileged compared to the readers of the other marketing sites.

They will be ready to act. To start things. To innovate. To find a spot where they deserve to be. And, if the spot doesn't exist yet, to create it themselves.
Because in this world, progress is very slow if you wait to be picked.

"Don't Wait To Be Picked. Pick Yourself"

Seth Godin
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