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When and where is the next one?

Darker Music Talks is free to attend, but the date and location are revealed first to the music people who are on the list. If interested, please leave your details below.

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Darker Music Talks helps musicians become entrepreneurs. It's a series of free events in London that brings independent musicians and music knowledge keepers together, in a chance for a constructive dialogue. The future belongs to educated Musicpreneurs.

Next discussion: 4 September 2014, 7.00 - 9.30pm

Where – Second floor, 90 Main Yard, Wallis Road, E9 5LN, London

About the discussion

My success as an artist comes directly from my interactions with my tribe (fans). The more I can connect honestly through my art and online tools, the more engaged my tribe becomes and the more they are inspired to support my journey either financially (tickets, merch, patronage, etc) or by promoting my music to their networks.

Some topics I will cover:

• How I grow my online followers (marketing)

• How I talk to my community (social media)

• Why I use Patreon and more info about patronage in general (revenue)

• How I crowd-funded my last EP (crowd-sourcing)

• Why perfection can be a mistake (Lean mentality)

• The danger of gatekeepers and the joy of bypassing them (old music industry model vs new musicpreneurship)

I do not pretend to know the solutions which will work for you personally. I can only share what has and hasn't worked for me and hope to inspire you to create your own success, however that looks for you.

The expert: Nate Maingard

Nate Maingard is an award-winning singer-songwriter who comes from a long line of troubadours, ocean-going pirates and nomadic shamanic tribes. Born in South Africa and now a global nomad, Nate is a natural storyteller and deeply feeling individual, and his songs are enjoyed by fans all over the world.

Since committing to the life of a professional musician in February 2011, Nate has played over 300 shows, sung at some of South Africa's top festivals, self-released his first two albums, crowd-funded his most recent EP and has been awarded the South African National Arts Festival 'Ovation' Award. 

Nate is currently growing an active community of patrons from all over the world while preparing to embark on an ongoing journey as a nomadic troubadour. He lives by Gandhi's words, "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

He can be found at @NateMaingard on Twitter.


The event is hosted by 90 Main Yard and sponsored by London Fusion.