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When and where is the next one?

Darker Music Talks is free to attend, but the date and location are revealed first to the music people who are on the list. If interested, please leave your details below.

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Darker Music Talks helps musicians become entrepreneurs. It's a series of free events in London that brings independent musicians and music knowledge keepers together, in a chance for a constructive dialogue. The future belongs to educated Musicpreneurs.

Next discussion: 7 August 2014, 7.00 - 9.30pm

Where – Second floor, 90 Main Yard, Wallis Road, E9 5LN, London

About the discussion

Music Creators, Performers and Businesses in the Music Industry are facing many challenges in keeping up with the rapid changes in the Music Industry.

This is an Interactive workshop where we will be demonstrating methods, techniques and tools for creating and testing sustainable Business models and revenue streams within the Music Industry.

The expert: Andre Lecointe-Gayle

Andre Lecointe-Gayle is a Business development specialist and Business Coach with over 25 years experience building and growing businesses and organisations in the Media Industry.

Currently he works for Lancaster University as a Business Growth Consultant for the Creative and Digital industries. He is also CEO for startup, Performance Room, a live video streaming platform.

He can be found at @AndreLecointe on Twitter.


The event is hosted by 90 Main Yard and sponsored by London Fusion.