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Darker Music Talks helps musicians become entrepreneurs. It is a platform of free events in London and other European cities that connects independent musicians with music knowledge keepers, in a chance for a constructive dialogue. The future belongs to educated Musicpreneurs.

Next discussion: 1 December 2015, 6.30 - 9.00pm

Main Partners for this event: Phoenix Sessions.

Where – I'klectik Art Lab (click for map)

About the discussion

This discussion will focus on a very important topic for a musician’s career, often ignored - music law and contracts!

There are different contracts applicable to the work that artists and music professionals carry out in the music industry, depending on their roles (artist, producer, manager, or label). These contracts are either related to:

  • The assignment/license of rights, such as copyright, merchandise or brand rights;
  • The engagement of a music professional such as a manger, agent, session musician or producer to carry out a service;
  • The regulation of a working relationship between co-writers, band members or entrepreneurs doing a venture together.
  • Juan Lopez will elaborate on the main contracts that are used regularly by artists and music professionals. Once the contracts have been mapped out to the different roles, we will move to discuss particular music law issues that members of the audience may be experiencing.

    This discussion will focus heavily on the audience’s concerns, so feel free to send us your questions and unclear bits around music law in advance!

    The expert: Juan Lopez

    Juan David Lopez is a legally trained entrepreneur working for IP legal firm Avenant Law and co-running music contracts web store Music Law Contracts. He has also been involved in running music labels and live music ventures, which has given him deep insights on artist development and knowledge of strategies to diversify and maximise income streams for artists. His interests extend to music production, DJing, guitar and bass playing.

    You can find Juan on Twitter @AvenantLaw.

    Main partners: Phoenix Sessions. Hosted by I'klectik Art Lab.