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When and where is the next one?

Darker Music Talks is free to attend, but the date and location are revealed first to the music people who are on the list. If interested, please leave your details below.

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Darker Music Talks helps musicians become entrepreneurs. It's a series of free events in London that brings independent musicians and music knowledge keepers together, in a chance for a constructive dialogue. The future belongs to educated Musicpreneurs.
The upcoming talk is here

9.10.14 - rêve en vert

What Does Your Image Really Say About You? (Soon)

4.9.14 - Nate Maingard

How I Build My Tribe As A Musicpreneur

7.8.14 - Andre Lecointe-Gayle

Revenue Streams In The Music Industry

10.7.14 - Michael Serwa

How To Make Money And Still Go To Heaven

4.6.14 - Paul Papadimitriou

Information And Passion - The Future Of Music

6.5.14 - Jon Morter

Raging Against The X-Factor Machine

2.4.14 - Kunal Singhal

Make Your Live Performances Matter

4.3.14 - Nicholas Lovell

How To Turn Your Freeloaders Into Superfans

11.2.14 - Anastasia Emmanuel

Crowdfunding Is Not About Money

8.1.14 - Ian Titchener

Nobody Cares About Your Music

5.12.13 - Konstantinos Varsis

Reputation Management for Musicians Online

7.11.13 - Jack Oughton

Copywriting Psychology
For Artists

8.10.13 - Simon Badman

Social Business Models In Music

5.9.13 - Jay Stapley

New Business Models For Artists

7.8.13 - Jessie Scoullar

Releasing Your Album Direct-To-Fan

7.8.13 - Ron Schott

Who Influences
The Influencers?

8.7.13 - Leena Sowambur

Music Business

6.6.13 - Marcus Taylor

Getting Practical: Facebook Marketing

6.5.13 - Luke Hannam

Authenticity Vs.

14.1.13 - Andrew Dubber

Independent Music in the Digital Age