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What I'm doing right now

I live in London, producing a new music album, building partnerships & launching the first product of my startup.


Musicpreneur Talks

Musicpreneur Talks gets a makeover, and we're currently looking for a new venue to host the events.



Our reality-documentary about the birth of a new music genre is on its way. Current goal: record a new album and audiovisual material.


Musicpreneur Hub

Our new music education platform is building partnerships for the summer, starting with TuneCore.


Musicpreneur Hub

The 28th of August we'll launch the first product of Musicpreneur Hub, a live online Masterclass.

Best way to reach out to me: email me @ tommy (at) tommydarker (dot) com

Inspired by Derek Sivers. I am available to take 3 new consulting clients. Contact details above. Not available for speaking engagements at the moment, sorry. Last update was 16 July 2017.
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