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What I'm doing right now

I live in London, producing my documentary, composing music, meeting investors, and launching my startup.


U25 Musicpreneur

During this program, I'm guiding 8 promising U25 Musicpreneurs, from idea, to development, to pitching music industry stakeholders.



Our reality-documentary about the birth of a new music genre is on its way. Current goal: compose music and find a director.


Musicpreneur Hub

We're launching our new music education platform soon, and my team is setting up partnerships.


Fundraising (stretch goals)

After successfully reaching the minimum investment goal for Musicpreneur Hub, I'm fundraising for additional cashflow.

Want to help? Best way to reach out to me: email me @ tommy (at) tommydarker (dot) com

Inspired by Derek Sivers. Sorry, but I'm not taking any new clients or speaking engagements at the moment, until further update of this page. Last update was 6 April 2017.
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